8"-22", 3 bundles should be enough. 22"-28", 4 bundles should be enough.

Tips:If your head is big or you want to make your hair look more thicker. you had better add at least one more piece.

Because curly hair is easier to get tangled compared with straight hair and wavy hair,it needs our better care and high maintenance.


Here are basic tips to care curly hair:
  1. If possible, seal the hair which will reduce the shedding to a great extent. Although we have sewed it very well, sealing is still a better way.
  2. Deep conditioning each week.
  3. use oil or other things to moisture it for daily care. If the hair is not dry, then it will not tangle.
  4. Never comb it too much. Because it is curly hair. Comb too much will make the curl gradually disappear. And you can only comb the hair when it is wet.
  5. Moisturizing conditioners are key to any healthy hair regimen. They can add nutrients that your hair needs.

You have to use your hand to make hairstyle. Choose the texture you like and keep the original color.Some hair with more curly

so pls take more care when washing to avoid tangling.