What’s 8A Grade Virgin Hair

What's 8A Grade Virgin Hair

 Most black ladies always looks for top grade virgin hair , and there are difference grade like 5A ,6A,7A and 8A . yes it is hard to tell the difference sometimes , but 8A is top grade virgin hair in most China hair sellers .compared to 5A grade and 6A, There is a little difference between them , 6A is thicker than 5A , bundles is fuller , as it is a little price difference , usually 6A is higher $2-$4 per bundle than 5A , but both grade are not 100% hair cuticle in same direction , and it is maybe easy to tangle sometimes ,this is why aliexpress have very cheaper hair ,and clients usually usually not so happy after installing .

But just tell from quality ,7A virgin hair is acceptable ,most black ladies don’t wear too long hair ,and would like a natural looking , so 16-22 inch is popular , the 7A grade can meet for dye it bleach to color 27 ,sometimes it can be blond to color 613, and after dye it ,it still soft and no shedding , if there is not to much hurt the hair , the hair should be good looking and feeling . most clients like 7a grade hair , as it is cheaper and can last over 1 years with proper care

In my side, Most 8A grade can create a wonderful hair looking , the girl or ladies will real beauty with the 8a grade hair ,it is soft and durable , can last over 2 years ,most clients remember it . it is really cuticle intact ,100% cuticle in same direction , to the steam hair ,8a grade Brazilian hair will be most popular . thicker and no a bad smell . see some black woman in 8a Grade hair

1. 8A grade hair is best quality in China.It’s very pure once you dye the 8A grade hair , looks real glamour hair .and don’t do much curl it , as make it note , the more curl the easier shedding or tangle .so the 8A grade brazilian body wave hair ,8a Brazilian straight will be my final recommend .it will last luxe and shinning .

2. 8A grade is acceptable by most up-class salon or hairstylist .there are most USA and UK hair Salon need top quality 8A hair , the price is still acceptable for them , as it is higher $5-$10 than the grade 6A hair .

 8A Grade Virgin Hair