How To Get 360 Wave

How To Get 360 Wave?

As times flies .360 is more and more popular .why it will be popular and how to start get a 360 ? we will talk about these .

This style beginning popular at 70s and 80s. it is popular as hip hop . it is easy to use and to install .

But how to get a 360 ? learning how to get a 360 .? First we need a right diet of products .otherwise it is before we go to keep fit. We need a right diet first .then when u have right diet of products ,u need a good method and tools to start .

Now let us to talk what tings will we need at this process .

1.You need to right brush your texture .

2.You need a nice moisturizer ti moisture your can be keep 360 process speed up.

3.You need good sampoo to wash it .

Next thing is the method of getting 360.most people would not like share their method with others . but Many people use cyclone method . here is some step .

Step 1- brush hair in the shower, apply Parnevu organic hair Mayonnaise brush your hair for 5mins with the grain.

Step 2 Leave on the hair mayonnaise in your hair for 10 mins(put on a shower cap) then wash your hair.

Step 3 Dry hair & Apply Hollywood carrot crème & brush for another 5 minutes

Step 4 Apply shea butter pomade all over your hair & brush for another 5 minutes

Step 5 Put on your Durag for the rest of the day.

Step 6 Remove Durag & moisturize with carrot crème & brush hair as you seem fit

Step 7 Repeat the process the next day. This is only a little of what we can be able to cover in this article. When you use the cyclone method with other tips & techniques which we have not covered here, you will be surely spinning with 360 waves.

Have u known more about 360? Then u can just get 360 frontal now .

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