How to Chose Malaysian Tape Extensions

How to Chose Malaysian Tape Extensions?

Choosing the right human hair extensions can be a little tricky; therefore, it is essential that you know what you want and know how to go about getting it. Someone may go to store to buy ,as color ,length ,styles of hair they can see it in person .\

Tape extensions application method as important for u. because you will according it to choosing hair .there have different method ,as u like to chooses .

There are the three most commonly used : I-tips,U-tips, Tape wefts.

1.I -Tips: Using a micro -wing head ,there are applied strand by strand using permanent hair . Hair looped through micro wing,and  use tools similar to make hair to bond . To remove, simply reverse this process by squeezing the ring in the opposing direction . According hair growth. It can be last up six months . I-tip extensions are great for adding volume, and length- and to mix it up,. After the application you can cut and style your hair as you wish .

  1. U- tips : there are also strand by strand permanent hair .with natural hair on the head using a Keratin glue, they can also last up to 6 weeks depending on hair growth.because they are also bond hair . it is recommended removed by a professional because taken out using a remover fluid applied to the extension bond
  2. Tape weft . this is popular one.tape hair extensions is easy and quick apply. Easy to maintain, they can be washed and styled like your natural hair.

When u choosing ,first u need to to know u want human hair or synthetic hair .

Synthetic is cheaper than human hair ,but if u want good quality and easily to be styled in the morning . then u need to buy human hair . However, while synthetic hairs come in more colors than human hair and it is also cheaper, you cannot apply heat to these hairs and if you are looking for something that can be styled by heat when it gets messy, then human hair extensions are your only options.
Think permanent . Now that you have decided on the type of hair extensions that you will be using, you now need to think if you want a hair that can be reused again or if you are looking for a hair extension that can serve for some time when you put it in. If you are looking for a particular hair that can be used more than once on various occasions, you need to think about using clip in. This is very easy to apply and you can put it in yourself when you need it and take it out when you don't.
You can get right hair that u want step by step .

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