How Do You Think About European Virgin Hair


How Do You Think About European Virgin Hair ?

1.Many years ago ,European virgin hair is truly from Europe . Europe company make high quality hair and sold it ,tied with blue wrapper  as ‘European Hair.’ but finest hair often be called ‘Indian hair ‘ just at many years ago .And then European hair become a standard of hair rather than origin .European hair is collect human hair .it is natural .but quantity couldn’t meet market .And Indian hair is colored and bleached .

2.Whatever ‘European ‘or ‘Indian’ still use blue wrapper to mark the high quality .At that time the hair is only collect in Indian . processer every time spend more time and care to keep quality .Because at that time if u directly talked to customers there are Indian hair. the value must draped out as reputation of hair on the market .

3.Because at before ,Indian hair is collect with quantity then exporter Europe . so that have many problems .Because Indian hair is colored and bleached . After processer realized that ‘European hair ‘and ‘Indian hair’ didn’t mark as origin . it should mark about collect and proceese. As this processer use this new hair to meet clients even it is not the origin as name .

3.As European hair is more popular , the struggle also upgrade . In the mean time , the Russian hair market opened and offer a good quality. Then it is have a battle between them . and more and more customers confused and misunderstood . but they also believe top quality is from Europe company .just disappointed with importer hair .They try to figure out origin hair.what is best .

Quick Facts: European hair extensions

  • Hair only last in original condition for a short period
  • Not recommended to colour as hair becomes even more porous
  • Does not look real
  • Not recommended to swim
  • Frequently tangles 
  • Maintenance is very high 
  • Needs to be styled often

The origin of extensions will not necessarily determine the quality of the finished product. It is not the hair's origin that determines its quality, rather quality is defined by the hair's methods of processing and control. There is very poor quality Russian hair, and there is silky beautiful Indian hair. In the end, it is about the hair's performance, its look and feel, and ultimately the consumer's satisfaction.
European Virgin Hair