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How to Chose Malaysian Tape Extensions?

Choosing the right human hair extensions can be a little tricky; therefore, it is essential that you know what you want and know how to go about getting it. Someone may go to store to buy ,as color ,length ,styles of hair they can see it in person .\

Tape extensions application method as important for u. because you will according it to choosing hair .there have different method ,as u like to chooses .

There are the three most commonly used : I-tips,U-tips, Tape wefts.

1.I -Tips: Using a micro -wing head ,there are applied strand by strand using permanent hair . Hair looped through micro wing,and  use tools similar to make hair to bond . To remove, simply reverse this process by squeezing the ring in the opposing direction . According hair growth. It can be last up six months . I-tip extensions are great for adding volume, and length- and to mix it up,. After the application you can cut and style your hair as you wish .

  1. U- tips : there are also strand by strand permanent hair .with natural hair on the head using a Keratin glue, they can also last up to 6 weeks depending on hair growth.because they are also bond hair . it is recommended removed by a professional because taken out using a remover fluid applied to the extension bond
  2. Tape weft . this is popular one.tape hair extensions is easy and quick apply. Easy to maintain, they can be washed and styled like your natural hair.

When u choosing ,first u need to to know u want human hair or synthetic hair .

Synthetic is cheaper than human hair ,but if u want good quality and easily to be styled in the morning . then u need to buy human hair . However, while synthetic hairs come in more colors than human hair and it is also cheaper, you cannot apply heat to these hairs and if you are looking for something that can be styled by heat when it gets messy, then human hair extensions are your only options.
Think permanent . Now that you have decided on the type of hair extensions that you will be using, you now need to think if you want a hair that can be reused again or if you are looking for a hair extension that can serve for some time when you put it in. If you are looking for a particular hair that can be used more than once on various occasions, you need to think about using clip in. This is very easy to apply and you can put it in yourself when you need it and take it out when you don't.
You can get right hair that u want step by step .

blonde hair with frontal

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How Do You Think About European Virgin Hair ?

1.Many years ago ,European virgin hair is truly from Europe . Europe company make high quality hair and sold it ,tied with blue wrapper  as ‘European Hair.’ but finest hair often be called ‘Indian hair ‘ just at many years ago .And then European hair become a standard of hair rather than origin .European hair is collect human hair .it is natural .but quantity couldn’t meet market .And Indian hair is colored and bleached .

2.Whatever ‘European ‘or ‘Indian’ still use blue wrapper to mark the high quality .At that time the hair is only collect in Indian . processer every time spend more time and care to keep quality .Because at that time if u directly talked to customers there are Indian hair. the value must draped out as reputation of hair on the market .

3.Because at before ,Indian hair is collect with quantity then exporter Europe . so that have many problems .Because Indian hair is colored and bleached . After processer realized that ‘European hair ‘and ‘Indian hair’ didn’t mark as origin . it should mark about collect and proceese. As this processer use this new hair to meet clients even it is not the origin as name .

3.As European hair is more popular , the struggle also upgrade . In the mean time , the Russian hair market opened and offer a good quality. Then it is have a battle between them . and more and more customers confused and misunderstood . but they also believe top quality is from Europe company .just disappointed with importer hair .They try to figure out origin hair.what is best .

Quick Facts: European hair extensions

  • Hair only last in original condition for a short period
  • Not recommended to colour as hair becomes even more porous
  • Does not look real
  • Not recommended to swim
  • Frequently tangles 
  • Maintenance is very high 
  • Needs to be styled often

The origin of extensions will not necessarily determine the quality of the finished product. It is not the hair's origin that determines its quality, rather quality is defined by the hair's methods of processing and control. There is very poor quality Russian hair, and there is silky beautiful Indian hair. In the end, it is about the hair's performance, its look and feel, and ultimately the consumer's satisfaction.
European Virgin Hair

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Brazilian hair wholesale Top Tips For Distributor

Do you need some tips for finding beauty hair suppler ?  The key to finding right Brazilian hair wholesale supplier is to take right steps for finding them.here is some tips as bellow .

  1. only buy Brazilian hair wholesale  .

  Unfortunately ,it is not all supplier to sell virgin hair . there are also have synthetic hair when they sell. they are also have bad quality.and they didn't saved the damages and losses .so before you buying u need to know is this a realize company and is it have particular band hair products .

  1. Ship around .

When u want to buy something ,u can ship around .then u can compare price. You can get right hair and at right prices .it is good for u to compare the prices and quality .

  1. Take friend’s recommend .

Take Friend’s recommend is a best way to get hair.because personal always our trust one .and they have used it . then we can know about quality directly. Just talk to them and then know who is their hair supplier . otherwise the “tiral and erro’’ method will be get a ‘’hit or miss’’.

  1. Take wholesale hair.

When u purchasing hair ,you will be save small fortune by purchasing from wholesalers. Especially if you own a hair salon or u are a hair seller . you must need a lots of hair. then when u order from wholesalers will be save costs and can be shipped in time .

  1. Know more about company’s return policy .

There's no guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the hair supplies, so look for companies with convenient return policies.

     6. Shop online

The Internet has revolutionized the way that we shop for hair supplies. Shopping online can save you an enormous amount of time, money, and effort. And since those things always seem to be in short supply, that's a good thing!

   7.Look for multiple payment and shipping options.

If a company only accepts cash or has no shipping options, then buyer beware! Companies with multiple payment and shipping options will make the transaction more convenient. And that will allow you to focus your time and energy on other business matters.

    8. Favor established companies.

While a new company isn't necessary untrustworthy, more established companies will likely provide better products and customer service. You'll take more of a risk by purchasing from new companies.

Because hair is more important at quality .

You can order brazilian hair wholesale on https://www.msglamhair.com/product-category/sample-wholesale/?lang=en

Brazilian hair wholesaleBrazilian hair wholesale

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How To Take  Wholesale Hair ?

Nowadays ,hair extensions have become a normal hair care routine of women . the simple part of hair extensions can offer volume of hair and length. This provide a best choice for who own hair is tin but don’t want to wait them to grow. This is a best choice of around the word. They can be lengthen their hair or change their hair style any time  when they boring and tired their old style.

Own a beautiful hair , not can be improve self-esteem ,but also make them look more beautiful . so this kind of products have a high demand around the word .but there are have some important factors u need to consider when u buying hair extensions.

  1. You need to understand there are have many options . whatever u buy hair bundles or clip in .there all have virgin hair ,remy hair and synthetic hair . any hair of them have their own advantages and disadvantages .if u figure out them ,it will help u to make right option.

Virgin hair is best one to chose .it is made from human hair . This is an unprocessed product. The hair is taken from the donor and is not dyed, permed or straightened. Cut from one donor .

Remy hair . Remy hair is hair that the extension maker has taken the time and expense to make sure all of the roots and ends of the donor hairs that make up the weft are going in the same direction. This allows the weft to flow and behave like your own natural hair does.

Synthetic hair is processed . these are not made from real hair, which means that they cannot be colored, blow dried and you definitely cannot swim with them in.
easily tangling and shedding.

The most import one is when u buying hair . you need to chose one hair color that match your natural hair color . because you also don’t want when u install it ,people know that is you add it .otherwise your purpose is it . so if u want to have a natural and fuller hair . hair color is important. It should be taken consider first .

Each company will offer different instructions when u buy hair . you can follow it and take the steps .and enjoy your new hair .you need to keep it clean and free tangle. Use wide comb to reduce hair damage.

The good news is that whether you choose clip in or semi-permanent options, they are completely safe to use. The clip in options can be removed at the end of each day or when you get home and work similar to a simple hair clip. You push the clip in the center to release and then clip it back into closed position once you have it where you want it placed.

Just chose one be suit of you. Making you look more beautiful and more confidence .you can order from www.msglamhair.com

IMG_20170310_152151_888Wholesale Hair

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Why Most  People Like To Use Brazilian Hair?


Most women like to have long hair. but our natural hair grow at a slowly rate. The best way is to using hair extensions .it can styled any style u like .wavy , curly .it is can be changed your look in a few minutes as you desire .Brazilian hair is most expensive and most popular one .

Brazilian hair is thick ,strong and beautiful .and it is easy styling . you can wash it ,dyed ,colored or flat iron without damage as it is virgin hair .To have easy time styling , start with basic .just like dampending it the hair and applying your preferred styling product before how below dying it or styling it as you desire .

Here is some advantages of using Brazilian hair.

  1. No shedding No tangling .because this type hair is thick and strong .so it is not break easily .and they are flexible. You can comb it easily through length without shedding and fearing tangling .
  2. Natural . Brazilian hair is natural one .You can either use these extensions in their natural state or have them colored after one use. No matter how you use them, you are sure to get amazing results.
  3. Soft and thick. The main advantage of Brazilian hair is durable ,dense and soft .the texture is easy to blend with different types of ethnicity.it looks beautiful and natural shine .the dense help it look fuller with less bundles.it is not only versatile ,but also holds curls for a long time .
  4. Unprocessed .the hair is at natural color .and it didn’t dyed any chemical processed . It looks natural and always gives amazing results .
  5. Flexible . this type is very versatile . you can create any new styles everyday without worrying about the texture. Brazilian virgin hair is resistant to damage. Found in curly, wavy or silky texture, it is very flexible and easy to maintain.

Brazilian hair is at good quality .You can easily add a versatility and range to your hair styles using this type of hair.

You can just click link to get good Brazilian hair https://www.msglamhair.com/product-category/hair-weave/shop-by-type/brazilian-virgin-hair/?lang=en

1 brazilian deep wave


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What Is Clip In Extensions ?

Clip in extensions also known as clip in wefts.can be integrated into your natural hair to hide thinning hair , and make it full ,thick and voluminous ,and add length .if your hair is limp and thin.then u can easily do it by yourself with one piece clip in . Using clip in hair extensions is a quick process which requires a comb or brush, a crocodile clip and your extensions. Start at the base and work your way up to the crown of your head. Take the longest weft for lower down and part your hair sideways just below the ears. Hold the hair up with a clip and then tease your hair on the one side, before placing the first clip into place. Pull the weft to the other side and repeat.

you just need doing in a 5-minute process .Then it can make your hair fuller and thicker .and it can hide your thin hair ,even if hair loss.

Faster and easier are advantages of using clip in . now many multiple website offer many types of hair . it will make you confused if complex. But clip in is easy . then u can choose clip in without hesitate .

Clip in have various length . so it will be have a little difficult and time consuming with 4-12 pieces by yourself. Only when desinges as one piece it is easy to make it by yourself.because for one pieces u only need to part and clip up your own hair once .then un-clip your natural hair to follow over the hair piece .

This hair extensions is come with straight and the extension can be cut into multiple pieces . but easier is maintaining and clipping as one piece .clip in extensions allow you to clip them in and take them out anytime u want . They are also a perfect solution while growing your hair out from a short cut to add length immediately.

Allow your natural hair to fall and then place the next weft just above your ears after the same steps as listed above. Once your natural hair is in place, you can add one more weft to the crown of your head

mmexport1466066770866Clip INh=

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What Is Lace Closures?

When we use virgin hair . we must make it look more natural appearance .

Lace closures are constructed by ventilating .A lace closure is a special piece of hair which hair are strands tied with a piece of lace. Lace closure have different size..most common are 4inches wide and 4inch deep.but also have 5x5 size .

The aim of closure is allow u ro have a wig without leaving out any hair.

Lace closures gives a scalp like appearance whenever it is positioned against your skin or next to the natural scalp .In addition,it assures an exceptionally flat and effortless installation which will make your hairstyle more real .

But if u want best results ,u need to make some adjustment ,the tiny black dot pattern thati s created when the hair strands are embedded into sheer lace , it will be visible when palced against your skin . so it is best to beach knots in your closures . Bleached knots will simulate the individual strands of hair growing directly from your scalp . If your closure is not bleached correctly, you risk wasting your money by ruining lace and the hair. On the other hand, foundation or concealer may be added to the lace to enhance the natural appearance.

And here is some tips of lace closures .This is for u to have a good experience with closures u need get .One of things that is u should choose a closure which can be fitted your scalp perfect .it is prevent falling off.when u install ,don’t use glue .it is best way to sew it . it is good for your scalp .

Just because you are wearing the closure it doesn't mean that everyone should know about it. To avoid drawing attention to the closure you should tint the materials used in the closure so that they match your scalp.
Looking for best closures ?just click link to know more https://www.msglamhair.com/product-category/closure-frontal/shop-by-type-2/lace-closure/?lang=en.

closure 3 parting lace closureclosure Brazilian blue 99j blonde red ombre lace clsoure


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How To Get 360 Wave?

As times flies .360 is more and more popular .why it will be popular and how to start get a 360 ? we will talk about these .

This style beginning popular at 70s and 80s. it is popular as hip hop . it is easy to use and to install .

But how to get a 360 ? learning how to get a 360 .? First we need a right diet of products .otherwise it is useless..like before we go to keep fit. We need a right diet first .then when u have right diet of products ,u need a good method and tools to start .

Now let us to talk what tings will we need at this process .

1.You need to right brush your texture .

2.You need a nice moisturizer ti moisture your hair.it can be keep 360 process speed up.

3.You need good sampoo to wash it .

Next thing is the method of getting 360.most people would not like share their method with others . but Many people use cyclone method . here is some step .

Step 1- brush hair in the shower, apply Parnevu organic hair Mayonnaise brush your hair for 5mins with the grain.

Step 2 Leave on the hair mayonnaise in your hair for 10 mins(put on a shower cap) then wash your hair.

Step 3 Dry hair & Apply Hollywood carrot crème & brush for another 5 minutes

Step 4 Apply shea butter pomade all over your hair & brush for another 5 minutes

Step 5 Put on your Durag for the rest of the day.

Step 6 Remove Durag & moisturize with carrot crème & brush hair as you seem fit

Step 7 Repeat the process the next day. This is only a little of what we can be able to cover in this article. When you use the cyclone method with other tips & techniques which we have not covered here, you will be surely spinning with 360 waves.

Have u known more about 360? Then u can just get 360 frontal now .

WHOLESALE 360360 wave

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How Long Does Your Virgin Human Hair Last 

How long does your virgin last ? it is a question for everyone want to know .

Virgin hair now is most popular . because it can not be make your hair beautiful ,also can build a new spirits and look confidence .

Single drawn is ones .it have various length that make it look natural . except Brazilian hair is one of most popular .Indian and Europe were also popular .it is good for wig and extensions .

This natural hair can last at least 2 years as high quality. This type usually is no tangling .

There two main factors that determine how long u can use .

  1. What hair were u bought .there are have 2 types of hair . virgin hair and non virgin hair .

Virgin hair is real human hair . this one is never been processed. Full cuticle ,cut on one donor . It is good one . and also can last whole year without anything .

Non virgin hair also is ones . it is processed . it is cheap . worst one just can last one week.

  1. Proper care can be made it last for a long time.

Whatever hair u got .Proper maintenance is key for long lasting .

The first thing u should care hair according care construction come with ur hair .it will tell u pay attention to how to best care hair . so it will last longer and in good condition.

Second you should spend time with your hairdresser for touch-up every 4-6 week. They will check ur hair is it harmful for your real scalp and tresses if u take them off or not .

Lastly just take care your hair carefully . wash them every week. Use proper shampoo .

How long hair last depend largely on how you care for them.So make is a point to take beeter care of your extensions to make the most out of them .

Mslgam hair can last at least 2 years . just click website to order www.msglamhair.com

3-24 (1)Virgin Human Hair

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How To Best Care Curly Hair?

Usually we heard many tips to care straight and wavy hair. But it is not exactly tell us how to best care curly hair. curly hair is hard to handle .because it will be easier tangling than other texture.

Now we talked some steps how to best care curly hair . here is sme steps bellow .

1.A main factor is the ends of curl have a tendency to get dry .so it need some conditioner to comb it light .don’t to comb it rude.

  1. Use some shampoo and conditioner that main for curly hair.Get best shampoo and conditioner is a best choice . because hair can be avoid drying out and keep texture.

3.Curly different from other texture .washing is damaging hair . Don’t not washing twice a week.

  1. Untangling when they are dry will increase dryness and enhance frizzes. Try not to utilize a tight toothed brush as it will bring in a considerable amount of breakage. Go for a wide toothed brush with delicate bristles.
  2. Starting right from this moment, just stop combing roughly or flat ironing your hair. If you're going to apply any heat styling treatments, then don't forget to use a thermal protectant. Using a quality serum before and after styling is also an excellent idea.
  3. Women with curly hair can get more benefits by using accessories compared to girls with other hair types. Accessories not only look stylish, but they also hold the curls in place.
  4. just take care hair as your own real hair.

Msglam hair company offer top quality curly hair. u can just click www.msglamhair.com to order it .

FL_9)}M)HYM68E)43FXC0~9Curly Hair


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