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How to buy virgin hair ?

As we know ,virgin hair also called raw hair. it means no chemical process . it cut from one donor ,washed and then packed for sale .it didn’t treated bleached or permed. The cuticle is at same direction.

All of us would like to buy virgin hair then synthetic hair.but how to buy virgin hair ? now here is some guides.

Step 1.

U can smell hair . because now most people look for virgin hair . so it will be have some vendor try to use Synthetic hair instead virgin hair . if it is chemical ,it will have bad smell. it is a easily and directly way to distinguish.

Step 2.

Virgin hair usually is natural black. But u also can be felt few color when buying hair . because virgin hair also can be colored other color . and the color on the end of hair should be have a little different ,like our real hair on head.

Step 3.

U also can see wefts . it should be regular . and shouldn’t have sprits,loose threads,shedding ,tangling . it is easy to comb without tangling.

If u want to order 100% virgin hair . u can just order from Msglam hair company . MSGlamHair company collect 100% virgin hair . www.msglamhair.com

virgin hair factory

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4 Steps to Start Your Hair Business Easily And Free 

It is easily and almost free to start your hair business ,even you are new to hair , but you should use or wear the virgin hair ,right ?

For hair stylist or salon own , you have the talent to sell hair , as you sew hair many times . you can see the hair in hand each days . for example , many clients wear the hair , they like to show by taking pictures or video . so you can see and feeling them .knowing the correct info help you start business easily

  1. You can start hair business at home if you don’t to run a shop , it need a budget for a shop and we know , a shop cost us much money . but for small hair business , you can sell hair at home by social media . nowadays , most black ladies post the pics or price on Instagram ,Facebook and Youtube . you are a model just show what the hair you wear . Beside . you can ask your vendor to send you some real pictures for many textures . but it seem most clients like to see or hear real review when buying hair .
  2. Find best hair vendor or price . we need to compare 3 or 4 hair vendor for quality and price check . in my option , it’s very importance to make your hair brand , so to start this , you can keep sell top grade virgin hair , like start Brazilian body wave 14-24 inch , this is the most popular length and style . even this price is higher , but when the clients like the hair , you can ask the clients share hair on social media , in this way , the good hair will catch more and more clients by real sharing . make more potential clients at your life . sometimes , it is similar to make friends with make money . we just need to be nice and friendly .
  3. Keep the best hair service . when you test the hair and find the best hair vendor , you can show what you wear to your clients on social media , it is a free way, right , you just need be active on your Facebook or Instagram . so your friend and funs will like you , keep them catch the eye . once they send the inquiry , if you can , send them the free hair sample for test . once you send 10 pcs sample , if you get back 3 or 4 clients back , we earn back the sample fee .
  4. The Final steps is for the professional one , you can build up a website , or join in hair show ,but something need to be ready , like your logo and package , so it can expand your hair business . the more clients know your business , the more money you will get . MS Glam Hair provide Free hair label and package , it can help you expand your hair business easily. Even you are new to hair , MSGlamHair would like to help you too .

hair business

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What’s 8A Grade Virgin Hair

 Most black ladies always looks for top grade virgin hair , and there are difference grade like 5A ,6A,7A and 8A . yes it is hard to tell the difference sometimes , but 8A is top grade virgin hair in most China hair sellers .compared to 5A grade and 6A, There is a little difference between them , 6A is thicker than 5A , bundles is fuller , as it is a little price difference , usually 6A is higher $2-$4 per bundle than 5A , but both grade are not 100% hair cuticle in same direction , and it is maybe easy to tangle sometimes ,this is why aliexpress have very cheaper hair ,and clients usually usually not so happy after installing .

But just tell from quality ,7A virgin hair is acceptable ,most black ladies don’t wear too long hair ,and would like a natural looking , so 16-22 inch is popular , the 7A grade can meet for dye it bleach to color 27 ,sometimes it can be blond to color 613, and after dye it ,it still soft and no shedding , if there is not to much hurt the hair , the hair should be good looking and feeling . most clients like 7a grade hair , as it is cheaper and can last over 1 years with proper care

In my side, Most 8A grade can create a wonderful hair looking , the girl or ladies will real beauty with the 8a grade hair ,it is soft and durable , can last over 2 years ,most clients remember it . it is really cuticle intact ,100% cuticle in same direction , to the steam hair ,8a grade Brazilian hair will be most popular . thicker and no a bad smell . see some black woman in 8a Grade hair

1. 8A grade hair is best quality in China.It’s very pure once you dye the 8A grade hair , looks real glamour hair .and don’t do much curl it , as make it note , the more curl the easier shedding or tangle .so the 8A grade brazilian body wave hair ,8a Brazilian straight will be my final recommend .it will last luxe and shinning .

2. 8A grade is acceptable by most up-class salon or hairstylist .there are most USA and UK hair Salon need top quality 8A hair , the price is still acceptable for them , as it is higher $5-$10 than the grade 6A hair .

 8A Grade Virgin Hair

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Use a comb. Be sure to only use a comb on curly or natural hair. A brush can damage the hair cuticle and will make curls frizzier and less defined. The best tool to use for curly hair is a wide-toothed comb.


Don’t comb dry hair. Never comb curly hair when it’s dry. You may have noticed that curly hair becomes frizzy when it’s brushed or combed when dry. Make sure to only comb curly hair after showering


Apply a deep conditioner or mousse meant for curly hair. Curly hair is drier than straight hair, so it needs all the moisture it can get. Products meant specifically for curly hair deliver this moisture to curly hair for more defined curls. [12]
  • You also may try applying argan oil or another kind of oil at the tips of curly hair. The tips of your hair are the driest part of your hair, and need special attention.
Comb from the ends and work your way up. Just like with straight hair, you want to start brushing near the tips of the hair and work your way up. Curly hair is especially prone to tangling, so it’s important to not start from the roots. [13]
  • If you encounter tangles, do not yank the comb through them. Even if it untangles the knot, using too much force can mess up the pattern of the curl and make curly hair look frizzier.
Brush from the roots to the bottom. Once you have worked your way up to the roots, brush a couple strokes down from the roots to the tips of the hair shaft. Because the hair is wet, you won’t distribute as much healthy oil from the scalp as you would if it were dry, but it is still an important step in making curly hair healthy.
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